Why You Need To Know What You Stand For

Why You Need To Know What You Stand For

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In your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself you will reach a point where you have to decide what you stand for. This is a major step in growing as a person and I’m going to tell you why.

Why You Need To Know What You Stand For

A major key in knowing yourself is knowing what you stand for. Knowing what you tolerate and what you absolutely will not deal with. When we know exactly what these things are, it becomes difficult for us to be taken advantage of. A lot of us have put ourselves through hell and high waters in relationships and with friends and family simply because we didn’t put in place our rules of what we will and won’t tolerate. It’s very simple if you don’t set out the things that you’ll not deal with it’s easier to be fed with a lot of B.S.


If you Stand For Everything You Stand For Nothing

Think of a school with no rules or disciplinary code. Think of all the crazy things that’ll it’ll be subject to. It’s most likely going to get taken advantage of and run a muck because there are no clear boundaries put in place. This is exactly the same with us. It’s time for you to start taking a stand! Once you decide on what you stand for, you’ll begin to hold yourself to a higher standard. Certain things won’t affect you as they did before, but you have to make that decision!

“Be Strong Enough To Stand Up For Something”


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stand for something. What Are 3 things that you will

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