Jamal Edwards Top 3 Tips For Success

Jamal Edwards Top 3 Tips For Success

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His journey to success really sums up the power of self belief and what is possible. Since finding out about him he’s had a major impact on what I believe is achievable. He is the founder of the popular media company SBTV.  Let’s take a look at Jamal Edwards Top 3 Tips For Success.

1. ” I Don’t Depend On No one” – Jamal Edwards

This is something I heard I remember growing up and always having to ask my parents for money to go to the cinema, or to go to the shopping mall, or to buy clothes and what not. Now as a kid that’s typical, it’s expected because you aren’t making any money of your own so it’s the normal thing to do. However as I got older, particularly in highschool, I would often get annoyed when my parents couldn’t give me money to go out and have fun. It frustrated me so much that I began to find ways to make money and save religiously until I had a decent nest of money in my bank account. The main thing I learned at that time was that you can’t depend on anyone. Not even your parents. Yes it’s sad but it’s true. Now if you can’t depend on your parents who love you the most out of everyone, what makes you think that people who didn’t see you grow up, and aren’t related to you in anyway would be a better choice?

2. “Chase Your Dreams Not The Competition” – Jamal Edwards

When I first heard this from Jamal, it was when I had first started my blog and had become aware of similar blogs that were up and running and well established. I had begun to sink into that spectator game, trying to see what they do and how I could present myself as better. Thankfully I didn’t stay in that zone for very long as I soon came to realise the bigger picture. We all do personal development. Why? Because it has changed our personal lives and we feel that others should benefit from this knowledge as well. So at the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether they go to this blog, or that blog or my blog. What matters is that wherever they go they are receiving value and as long as that happens everything is all good!

3. “It’s Not About What You’ve Got It’s About How You Do It” – Jamal Edwards

Some of you may have aspirations of starting a YouTube channel, a Blog, a business or whatever. However, you are so stuck on having the Best Canon camera or the perfect website theme that you get stuck in perfection paralysis where ultimately you take no action and are stagnant. Don’t let this be you. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with having standards I think everyone should have them. Just don’t let them hinder you from taking action which in  my opinion is the most important thing. Even with my Blog, Right now I’m happy with the way it looks. What you may not know is that I had used about 10 previous themes before I got to this one. I somehow think that I needed to go through those themes to be able to really appreciate what I have now and make the best use of it. The point is that you shouldn’t let your current resources stop you from moving towards your goal.

Jamal Edwards Top 3 Tips For Success

I hope that 1 person finds these tips helpful. Share with me your favourite tip from

Jamal Edwards in the comments below. I’d love to know.

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