Jay Z: Top 3 Tips For Success

Jay Z: Top 3 Tips For Success

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He is arguably one of hip hop’s most successful rappers. His hustle and mindset took him to the top and keeps him there. Not to mention he is a business, man. Here is Jay Z: Top 3 Tips For Success.

1. Do Things That Are True To You

This is essential to becoming one of the best at what you do. You’ve got to be doing something that are 100% you. It’s like a plumber that comes out and just decides to pursue a career in accounting. Or consultant trying to become a top level construction worker. Jay Z loved rapping. It was the only thing he knew that he could use to change his life for the better. You’ve got to to stick to the things that really speak to you. That’s where you will see the most results. If you love writing, be a writer. If you love acting, be an actor. There’s no point forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. You’re not helping anyone by doing that. You can only be of true service to humanity by doing that thing that is true to you. Your one thing.

2. Don’t Settle For Average

Life where Jay Z grew up was so bleak. It was so cheap. It seemed hopeless. They were on the end of the totem pole. Last for everything. There seemed to be no way they could rise from the low place that they were in. This causes you to think. Prison wouldn’t seem so bad for people living there, because there’s virtually no difference. Some people remained dormant, while others saw the opportunity to almost, Go Out With A Bang! They thought that if this is all there is I might as well strive for more, What’s the worst they could do throw me in prison? I’ll take that risk. The main takeaway is that they took their destinies into their own hands, choosing to live dangerously and thrillingly rather than dormant, and settling. Which category are you in? The people that decide that there’s more than what they are getting or the ones that take whatever life gives them?

3. Protect Your Dream From The Insecure

When Jay Z was younger he played his uncle one of his tapes. He was so excited to hear his uncles feedback, hoping to hear some encouragement. To his distaste his uncle snapped, ” Man you ain’t never gon’ be better than LL Cool J”. His own uncle said that. This just goes to show you that not everyone should be told of your goals. Some people may have had their dreams told off in the past or even failed in achieving them so they are hurt and try to bring you down with them. Stay away from these type of people. They don’t want anyone to do better than them because it highlights their inadequacies.


“I believe you can speak things into existence.” – Jay Z

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