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This Post is going out to anyone who feels like giving up and feels like quitting. I hope to provide you with some inspiration to keep going and not give up when going after your goals.To do this I’m going to illustrate to you the motivational and surprisingly powerful story of a baby’s first steps.


You see, when a baby gets to a certain age it starts trying new things, A very important one is trying to walk.

Now, the whole process is crazy, you’ll first see a baby try to crawl. Then they’ll stand up beside a chair. Then finally they’ll let go of the chair and face the biggest challenge of their lives so far.

The baby probably fails about 100 times before he makes any progress. The thing is, The baby doesn’t say to himself, ” Maybe I should give up on this walking thing.. Maybe this isn’t for me”.

After a while he can walk one step before falling. Then two steps before falling. Then three steps, the four then five until they are able to walk without even thinking about it.

How many times have you started something, experienced a little difficulty, and then quit? I’m here to tell you that you weren’t always like this. You were once like that baby. You experienced hardship when you wanted to walk, talk, read and write. Why does now have to be different?

The thing is it isn’t any different. The difficulty is the same, it’s just applied into different contexts. So once you know this, you can look at that difficulty in the face and just know that you got this!

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