Our Thoughts Become Things

Our Thoughts Become Things

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One thing that amazes me about life is that our thoughts become things. What we focus on has the power to become a reality. We have such a great power that, if used wisely, can bring us everything that we desire. 

Our Thoughts Become Things

A strong memory of church when I was growing up was the prayer sessions. This is where everyone would gather and take issues to God and leave them with him. It was also a time where you could thank God and worship him. One thing I distinctly remember where the type of prayer points. Some of them would be on acquiring good things and others would be avoiding bad things. One very popular is ” The Messenger Of Bad News Will Not Deliver At My Doorstep! “.  Although it’s a genuine prayer, it may not be an effective prayer. Take out ‘Not’ and it becomes a totally different thing. I always found it weird the way people would pray about things they don’t want to happen.

You Attract What You Think About

As I grew older and started experiencing more of life and learning more I came across this marvellous discovery in many books and videos and that is: Our Thoughts Become Things. Crazy right? So this means that what you think about will eventually manifest into reality. It’s quite scary if you think about it. In one way, you could start looking at all the bad things that you could be thinking about. The other way you could look at it is all the positive things that could happen. Relating to this back to the prayer points people would have, it’s easy to see how some of their prayers were ineffective. It’s because instead of focusing on what they wanted, they were focusing on what they didn’t want. If someone told you that you could have whatever you thought about, would you spend time thinking about what you wouldn’t want or what you actually want?

Our Thoughts Become Things

I hope that 1 person realises that Our Thoughts Become Things because of this blog post.

Have you ever focused on the negative instead of thinking about what you want to happen?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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