Patience is key

Why Patience is An Essential Key

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In your journey to success one thing you need to realise is that things take time. Patience is something that you just have to have. 

Why Patience is An Essential Key

Think about the horticulturist ( Person who plants for a living) . They could have all of the necessary conditions to grow their plants like light, water, oxygen etc. Yet, they still have to wait. If they don’t have the patience to wait and allow the process to happen then they’ll miss the reward of a fully grown plant. This is the same with us and our dreams and various passions. We’ve got to stick it out knowing that in due time, our success will come.

“Patience can cook a stone” – African Proverb

You can’t rush the process! Have you ever seen someone rush a job? The result is usually something of mediocre value. Do yourself a favour and don’t let your zeal to see results quickly affect the quality of your success. Anything that is of lasting value will take time to develop. Learn to have a little bit of patience today.

“Don’t Rush Things”

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