Stephen Curry: Top 3 Tips For Success

Steph Curry: Top 3 Tips For Success

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Stephen Curry is touted as the No.1 Player in the game right now, and his performances back that up. There’s a lot that we can learn from him. Here is Stephen Curry: Top 3 Tips For Success.

1. Find What You Are Good At – Steph Curry

This links in to finding your purpose. We all have a gift, something that separates us from others. For some this gift will differ. Some people have the gift of writing, others sport, others leading.  Curry says that you should find what you are good at and don’t stop there. You’ve got to do it to the very best of your ability. I think that many people underestimate what this means. You’ve got to dedicate every breath in your body to that thing. This is what makes people stand out and what will make you, if you do it, stand out.


2. Are Your Habits Today, In line with Your Dreams For Tomorrow?

We all have big dreams, admirable dreams, dreams that excite us for the future. The dreams are possible, there’s no doubt about that. However, what we do each day can either bring them to life or keep them at bay, never to be actualised. A lot of the time, our habits are the things stopping us from achieving our dreams. What are  your habits? If your habits today are not in sync with your dreams for tomorrow then you’re not going to achieve them. It’s that simple. Stephen Curry is one of the best players of this era because he created habits of excellence way before now. His habits are in line with his dreams, are yours?

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

If you really want to be successful you’ve got to get rid of your fear of failure. Think about how much pressure there is on curry every game. He could fail with every single shot that he takes, yet he continues shooting. Why? Because sometimes you are going to fail. Sometimes you’ll miss. But one thing you should never do is allow the misses to stop you from taking shots. You’ve got to keep shooting because if you keep shooting, you increase your probability of success. Keep Shooting.


Success is Not An Accident, It’s A Choice


I hope that 1 person finds these tips helpful.

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