Tai Lopez Top 3 Tips For Success

Tai Lopez Top 3 Tips For Success

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He once was flat broke sleeping on a couch in the middle of nowhere. Now his name is in the mouth of everyone young online entrepreneur trying to make it today. His 67 steps program has helped many people achieve health, wealth, love an happiness. This is Tai Lopez Top 3 Tips For Success. 

1. You Have To Learn From Mistakes But They Don’t Have To Be Yours

This is something that in my journey as an online entrepreneur have just realised. It happened when one of my mentors Gavin Cornelius explained to me that you have two options. You can either go through years of trial and error coupled with frustration and get where you want to be. Or you could learn from someone that has been there, parting with some money but getting there at a fraction of the time. I have chosen the latter option. It’s basically a matter of swallowing your pride and paying for the knowledge that will save you many frustrating experiences. The choice is yours.

2. Double Down On What Works

A lot of times when I’m working on my website there are certain things that I do that bring results. For example, commenting on other blogs brings trickles of traffic to mine (I need to do that more often). As human beings we tend to find stuff that works and instead of doubling down we try and do other stuff. DO WHAT WORKS! If you like something then do it. Don’t decide to try something else, do what you love!

3. Read More

Tai recommends a book a week. I’m not talking about fiction too. I suggest books on philosophy, physcology, self help and mental wellness. Reading has changed my life. I’ve become a person that acts on things rather than knowing and not doing anything because of it. If you are like me and not a champion speed-reader it might take you a bit longer. Last year I aimed for a book a month. It gave me time to read, digest and put into practice the things I learned. It just goes without saying, If you want to make it, pick up a book!

Tai Lopez Top 3 Tips For Success

I hope that 1 person finds these tips helpful. Share with me your favourite tip from

tai lopez in the comments below. I’d love to know.

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