The Power Of A Network

The Power Of A Network

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In business I see so many people try to go it alone. They think that they don’t need anyone and this is very harmful. One of the main things you learn when in business is that people are there to help you. It is only when you realise the power of a network that you will create relationships that’ll open doors for you.

The Power Of A Network

I have a piano lesson business with numerous clients paying me weekly. However it wasn’t always like this. Not too long ago I barely had any clients. So what changed it for me? I utilised the power of a network. Here’s how I did it. I sent around a message to friends I knew that were involved with playing music in anyway or form. Guess what happened? Yup, I had no luck with most of them. You might be thinking now that Networks are useless but hold on. Out of everyone I reached out to a very small percentage of them responded with possible clients. After calling those clients I found out about more people who would benefit from lessons, so on and so forth and now we are here. I want you entrepreneurs to remember that none of this would have happened if I didn’t reach out to those in my immediate network.

Your Network is Your Networth

If you are out there and are still thinking that you don’t need people then look at this way. It’s very simple. If you cherish every relationship you have you are sowing seeds into your future. Once you have a solid relationship with a person their network becomes your network. They easily connect you to people that you would have had to struggle for. These connections can accelerate your journey to the top quicker than your efforts alone. If you want your life in business to be more smooth and more enjoyable then utilise the power of a network. FINITO!

The Power Of A Network

I hope that 1 person realises the great power of a network because of this post.

How have you approached networking and establishing relationships with people?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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