The Power Of One Thing

The Power Of One Thing

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Some People Just Have Too Many Goals. Yes, I said it! They Just Have Too Many! If you are serious about achieving success in business, school or your job you can’t have too many goals. Do I have your attention? Great! Now I’m going to tell you about the power of one thing. 

The Power Of One Thing

I remember when I first learned about personal development, I wanted to improve every single aspect of my life drastically! It started with piano.I wanted to become as good as one of my favourite musicians Cory Henry, so I would practice for 2 hours a day. I  also wanted to have the body of a physique competitor, so I worked out for 2 hours a day and counted my macros, weighing all my food between meals. I also wanted to get 1st class honours in all my subjects, so I tried studying 4 hours each day. Do you see the problem? I was chasing too many things that, on their own, were hard enough to attain talkless of among many goals.

“The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits, Catches Neither” – Confucius

Look at all of the successes of today in their industries. People like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steph Curry, Cristiano Ronaldo. They didn’t get where they are by having a list of goals. They had their one thing. Whether it was football, or their business it was one thing and that’s what they focused on. Now I’m not saying that you have to give up everything you love and just do that one thing, that’s absurd. You simply need to spend more time and focus on your one thing. Your less important things will suffer as a result but not totally. As you can see, having that one thing is a major key to success. What’s your one thing?

The Power Of One Thing

I hope that at least 1 person learns about The Power Of One Thing

What’s your one thing? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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