Why I Quit My Job

Why I Quit My Job And How I Make Money Now

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Are You A Young Online Entrepreneur? Do You Want To Learn How To Ditch Your Job And Find Ways To Make Money? I’m Going To Tell You Why I Quit My Job And Do it full time. 

Why I Quit My Job And How I Make Money Now

Up until about a Month ago I had a job as a home care assistant. This involved me travelling to the house of one of my clients and helping them get dressed, bathe etc. At the same time I had immersed myself into my blog for young online entrepreneurs and was giving advice. However there came one day. A day where I called myself out and asked myself, ” Are You Taking Your Own Advice? Or Are You A Hypocrite?”. That day I sat down and realised that I had taken the easy way out. I was relying on a job that wasn’t something that I enjoyed. I was selling my self for money! That day, I made the decision to live the entrepreneur life come rain or come shine.

Leveraging My Strengths

When I said by to that comfortable job I was forced to look inwards and ask what do I have that people would part with their money for? Now I Leverage My Skill As A Piano Player And Teach People. I have many clients now and Make more money in a week than I did in a month of working at that care job. Even if I wasn’t making as much money there’s something about being your own boss that trumps any pay-check! I am searching for ways to leverage my piano skills in a way that scales. However I am finally truly living the life I preach about daily on this blog and that is PRICELESS!

Why I Quit My Job And How I Make Money Now

Now I’m going to Put it back to you. Are you supposedly living the entrepreneur life yet stuck in a dead end job? Is there a skill that you possess that you can leverage and make money from? I’d love to hear in the comments of how you quit your job and became a full time online entrepreneur!

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  1. Nice article.

    I love the fact that you make money through the keyboard. How about making money through your blog? I like the simplicity of your blog, but have you though of making money with it?

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