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Why You Need To Make Mistakes As A Young Person

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Ever since we were growing up we were told not to make mistakes. This mindset has followed many of us into early adult life but it doesn’t always to stay. In this blog post I’m going to go through my experiences and the experiences of others to show you Why You Need To Make Mistakes As A Young Person.

Why You Need To Make Mistakes As A Young Person

Let me just give you a recap on myself. My name is Stephen Osoko, I am 18 years old writing this, I WANT TO MAKE IT, but also want to have fun along the way and gain some valuable life experiences. From studying a lot of successful people and looking at their top tips for young people, one of the main things they say is to experiment, fail fast and fail often. Now if you have been told all your life that failing is bad and you should avoid it then this will cause conflict in your brain. I’m here to give you a new way of thinking though, and I’m going to start by telling you that you need to make as many mistakes as possible.

Erm, What Did You Just Say?

Yes! I just said that you should go out of your way to make mistakes. Now let me explain, I’m not saying that you should try and make mistakes for the sake of it. Don’t get anyone pregnant alright?! What I’m saying is you should go out of your way to try things and do things that you aren’t 100% confident in and get the experience. An example of this would be approaching random girls everyday. You’re going to make some mistakes and that is guaranteed in the interaction. However if you keep it up for a certain amount of time you will end up being super successful with women. Why? That’s because you’ve made your mistakes already. After that, you’ll sail most of the time. Think about the guy that is awesome with girls. If he wasn’t a natural he probably got rejected a bunch of times and learned from those experiences. Now he is a freakin’ boss because of those experiences. This is the same with whatever path you want to make it in. Get out and get your elbows in the mud. You’ll have a higher chance of success because of that.

Why You Need To Make Mistakes As A Young Person

I hope that 1 young person trying to make it realises that you need to make mistakes.

Tell me, what was your opinion on making mistakes before you read this? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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