Why You Need To Run Away From Negative People

Why You Need To Run Away From Negative People

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There are so many things that can stifle you in your journey to success. One of them is hanging around negative people. You simply can’t be surrounded by negative people and expect to succeed and this is why.

Why You Need To Run Away From Negative People

I used to know a guy at school. I’m sure we all know a guy like him. He’s the guy that always has something bad to say about what ever the conversation is. If you tell him about your idea he’ll tell you 5 reasons why it won’t work. These people have developed a condition I call ‘ Learned Pessimism ‘.  They are always looking at the negative in everything. Remember, that what ever you focus your time and your mind on comes true for you. What benefit do you have to being around them? You’ll only find yourself nose diving into a world of pessimism and that’s not an option for people like us. If you want to live a life full of happiness and laughter you’d better run!

Don’t Walk Away From Negative People – RUN!

This is a hard thing for people to hear. Many of you have negative friends and family members. I do too. Totally ignoring these people will be quite hard, and it’s not necessary. If you find yourself in a position like this where you are surrounded by negative people then I would suggest than you develop a force-field like aura of positivitiy that repels negativity. No amount of negative energy can penetrate it. To achieve this utilise positive self-talk, learn from mentors, immerse yourself in positive resources. The responsibility is on you to keep your positivity intact.

Why You Need To Run Away From Negative People

I hope that 1 person realises why they need to Run Away From Negative People.

Have you ever had an experience with a negative person? If so, What happened?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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