Your Friends Will Hate You And This Is Why

Your Friends Will Hate You And This Is Why

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If you have friends you need to read this. This could make or break your relationships. Your Friends Will Hate You And This Is Why.

Your Friends Will Hate You And This Is Why

Now, I’m sure that everyone who has taken the decision to join a gym has been through something like this. You tell your friends that you have just purchased a gym membership and want to improve your health and you get responses like;

” You? Gym? For What?”, ” Only Meat heads and Narcissists Go To The Gym.”, ” That Stuff Doesn’t Work, You Wasted Your Money.”, ” Why Do You Even Want To Join, You Look Ok To Me.” Now it’s important to note that your friends don’t necessarily hate you. You just need to realise what it means when you say that you’ve joined a gym, or started a business or are going back to college. You and your friend are the same. You’re on the same level. However, When you say that you are actively trying to improve yourself, subconsciously they will think that you are trying to be better than them and since they have no intentions of improving their lives the best thing they can do is to stop others around them from doing the same. This can come by way of playful mocking, calling you out etc. It won’t be as direct as them saying, ” Who do you think you are trying to improve yourself, and be better than us?” But you can expect some cold remarks from them.

” Never Hate People Who Are Jealous Of You, But Respect Their Jealousy. They’re People Who Think That You Are Better Than Them.”

This all comes from an inferiority complex that most humans have. They feel that if someone around them is doing things and improving that it directly shines the light on their inadequacies. If you have friends like this, talk to them with this knowledge of where their hostility is coming from and let them know that your success should have no effect on how they feel as a people. If you happen to be THIS FRIEND I hope that you reconsider where you are coming from and know that, another person’s achievements has nothing to do with you.

Your Friends Will Hate You And This Is Why

I hope that 1 person realises that some friends may frown at your

success due to insecurities. If this has happened to you then how did you

handle it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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